Our Programs and Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services are designed to help our clients with disabilities increase their functioning by learning the necessary skills to become confident and self-sufficient through:


  • Communication Skills
  • Positive Thinking Skills
  • Focusing Skills
  • Anger Management Skills
  • Parental Skill Building

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment helps families meet the challenges of youth with emotional or behavioral problems through services that include, but are not limited to:


  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Symptom Monitoring
  • On-going Assessment of Needs
  • Linkage to Appropriate Resources in the Community

Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning serves as the blueprint to constructing the changes that our clients wish to make. The Treatment Plan is aimed toward the prevention, treatment and resolution of problems and/or mental health disorders. Each individualized plan provides specific goals and interventions which often require a mixture of intensive, home-based mental health service supports including, but not limited to:


  • Utilizes a person-centered approach
  • Goals are individualized
  • Goals are measurable and realistic
  • Objectives are evidence-based
  • Treatment team monitors and assists with progressive towards goals

Independent Living Skill Building

Independent Living Skill Building assists our clients with developing and maintaining the skills that they need to live as independently as possible within the community. Walker Family Services staff provide a wide range of services which may include:


  • Household Organization
  • Personal Care and Hygiene
  • Arranging Transportation and Bus Training
  • Vocational Skills Building
  • Social Skills and Community Integration
  • Self-Advocacy

Crisis Intervention Services

Crisis Intervention Services are immediate, crisis-oriented services designed to diffuse or resolve precipitating stress. These services are time-limited and may include the following:


  • Assessments
  • Counseling
  • Medication Stabilization and Monitoring
  • Observation and Follow-Up

Medication Management

Medication Management, for many of our clients, is an important tool for developing and maintaining stable mental and behavioral health. Walker Family Services can provide a variety of services to support medication management including, but not limited to:


  • Educating the client and their family on the proper dosage, frequency and side effects of prescribed medications
  • Evaluating the therapeutic response to medication
  • Assisting in developing medication schedules/processes to enhance compliance
  • Prescribing Medicine
  • Timely Appointments

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient Therapy is provided by a Licensed Mental Health Practicioner thta utilizes evidence-based best practices in mental health treatment and counseling. Licensed Mental Health Practicioners are trained to provide innovative behavioral healthcare services to meet the unique needs of our clients and their families.

Permanent Supportive Housing

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