Helping Families Blossom

Walker Family Services is a community-based behavioral health and mental healthcare service provider. Dedicated to "Helping Families Blossom", our team partners with our clients and their families to provide solution-focused services that enhance our client's ability to overcome a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems. 

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Our Services

Walker Family Services provides personalized Assessment & Diagnostics, Therapy & Counseling, Support Services, and Addiction Recovery programs,that fosters self-awareness, growth, and well-being for individuals seeking mental health support.

Group Therapy

Assessments & Diagnostics

Walker Family Services provides individuals seeking mental health care with a comprehensive Assessment & Diagnostic platform. Our primary goal is to empower individuals in their pursuit of mental wellness by fostering self-awareness and ensuring access to suitable care.

Therapist and Patients

Therapy & Counseling

Walker Family Services offers a professional and compassionate Therapy & Counseling service through our mental health website. Our dedicated team of licensed therapists and counselors is committed to supporting individuals on their path to emotional well-being and personal growth.

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Support Services

Support Services at Walker Family Services are designed to provide additional assistance and resources to individuals seeking mental health support. Our support services encompass a wide range of practical and emotional support options to complement therapy and counseling.

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Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery at Walker Family Services is a specialized program aimed at helping individuals overcome substance use disorders and achieve long-term recovery. Our dedicated team of professionals provides comprehensive support and a person-centered approach to treatment.

Change for the Better

In this book you'll learn 12 specific skills needed for our youth to succeed.

These skills are taught through lessons that examine each skill and offer thorough explanations of their importance. 

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Change for the Better Workbook

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Committed to the growth and well-being of families, the skilled professionals at Walker Family Services collaborate with clients and their loved ones to deliver solution-focused services. For more information, click the Learn More button below.

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