Mental & Behavioral Health Services

You’ve come to the right place. Our trained professional staff will recognize the symptoms, stressors, and strengths of our clients. A personalized course of treatment will be developed and implemented to provide new coping skills in order to improve emotional and social well-being.

Helping Families Blossom

Our team of licensed clinicians, counselors, skill builders and administrators partner with our clients and their families to provide solution-focused services that enhance our clients’ ability to overcome a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems.

Our Founder, F. Walker

“Growing up in New Orleans, LA I was able to personally experience the many hardships that we are often exposed to. We all have our personal struggles in life that sometimes seem impossible to overcome, but quitting is not an option. Together we can pull through and beat the odds set before us.”

Our CEO, K. Stepter

“Having been challenged myself with mental stress, along with family members who have experienced mental or behavioral issues; my number one priority is fighting the mental health stigma that plagues our community. It’s very important that we all cater to our mental health and have an outlet for relief.


Walker Family Services is a community-based behavioral health and mental healthcare service provider. Dedicated to “Helping Families Blossom,” our team of licensed clinicians, counselors, skill-builders and administrators partner with our clients and their families to provide solution-focused services that enhance our clients’ ability to overcome a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems. Most services are conveniently provided where our client lives, works, attends school or socializes.
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Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services are designed to help our clients with disabilities increase their functioning by learning the necessary skills to become confident and self-sufficient through:

– Communication Skills

– Positive Thinking Skills

– Focusing Skills

– Anger Management Skills

– Parental Skill Building


Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment helps families meet the challenges of youth with emotional or behavioral problems through services that include, but are not limited to:

– Individual and family counseling

–  Symptom monitoring

–  On-going assessment of needs

–  Linkage to appropriate resources in the community



Medication Management, for many of our clients, is an important tool for developing and maintaining stable mental and behavioral health. Walker Family Services can provide a variety of services to support medication management including, but not limited to:

– Educating the client and their family on the proper dosage, frequency and side effects of prescribed medications. Read more by clicking the link.



Results from our Strategic Plan

  • We are State Licensed
  • We currently offer services in 6 Parishes.
  • We meet with Stakeholders quarterly to assure inclusion.
  • We now welcome online referrals, Web generated assessments.


2016: Improved Client Outcomes


2016: Growth in financial resources for infrastructure development


2017: Improved Client Outcomes


2017: Growth in financial resources for infrastructure development


2018: Improved Client Outcomes


2018: Growth in financial resources for infrastructure development

OUR Mission

Walker family services is a community-based behavioral health agency serving at-risk youth and their families with comprehensive mental health therapy which assists them in identifying and reaching their goals.

We view our clients and their communities as resilient strong and resourceful. Our role is to provide interventions that empower families to help ensure that their children transform into adults who have maximum potential to contribute fully to their families and to their communities.


Have you been contemplating a career in behavioral and mental health services? Do you have an innate passion to help others through counseling and mental treatment? If so, we’d like to chat with you! Please complete the form below if you’re interested in becoming and employee or an intern. Once completed, please review application of accuracy and submit. If you have questions regarding your application, please call our New Orleans office.
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