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My Story

Frederick Walker Jr., LCSW 32 years old, public speaker, owner of Walker Family Services walkerfamilyservices.com, a mental health outpatient rehabilitation agency, and Founder of The Walker Project (Non-Profit) walkerproject.org an initiative geared to Stop Violence in the inner city of New Orleans and similar places of the United States. Frederick is also the author of “Change for The Better,” a community based curriculum utilized to teach youth specific skills to improve their chances of overcoming the many challenges/hardships of life.

Early Life

Born Frederick Walker, Jr in New Orleans, LA on May 4, 1986. Frederick was the younger of two children born to Lorraine and Frederick Walker, Sr.

As a toddler Frederick Walker experienced the stressors and dissatisfying challenge of the separation of his mother and father. He resided in the 9th ward in New Orleans until his mother moved to Mid City New Orleans where he graduated from Warren Easton High School in 2004. During high school Frederick played football, worked at local restaurants, mechanic shops, and other odd jobs to earn income. After graduating Frederick spent his young adulthood pursuing a music career and venturing the streets of New Orleans, LA before relocating to Atlanta, GA in 2007. In 2012, Frederick returned to New Orleans and re-enrolled in college receiving his Bachelors Degree in Psychology. He went on to obtain his Masters Degree in Social work in 2015. Frederick explains, “I have been through everything; hurricane Katrina, the streets of New Orleans, and mental instability. I must be highly favored. God has me here to do something much greater than I can even imagine. It’s my job to keep the faith and work hard everyday to meet his expectations until my time expires.”

Investing in our youth; is investing in our FUTURE

– Frederick Walker, Jr.

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